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What Are The Experts Saying?

Ten Gigabit Adelaide is here! Community, industry and business leaders worldwide are taking note.

“This is fundamental architecture that is needed to future proof Adelaide in the digital age. Ten Gigabit Adelaide will put Adelaide firmly on the radar as a destination of choice for large, digital-reliant businesses and organisations in the health, finance, education, creative and defence sectors, helping to attract new businesses, creating more jobs and driving innovation and investment.” Lord Mayor of the City of Adelaide, Martin Haese.

“It’s incredibly exciting and multifaceted, and provides a real opportunity for businesses, not just start-ups and tech businesses but international businesses and big corporates to operate out of Adelaide using 21st century broadband services. We can start to think about how we compete in a globalised world, and how we export digital services, work on global partnerships and exploit economic opportunities,” Peter Auhl, City of Adelaide, Associate Director, Information Management.

“The majority of our work is dispersed inspection and non-destructive testing of assets, most of which is digitised. If we could tap into a ten-gigabit data network, we could centrally locate qualified inspectors and engineers to make real-time decisions rather than having hundreds of field staff flying in and out of remote locations. This could be a real game-changer for our industry and I imagine many others.” Ian Coker, Operations Manager of Bureau Veritas, South Australia.

"This network has the potential to totally transform the City of Adelaide. Not only does it anticipate the future needs of businesses but will establish the City as an early adopter of innovative technologies. Throughout the United States, we have seen that decisions like this have been key to driving innovation and new sources of growth." Professor Edward J Blakely, Chair, Future Cities Collaborative and Honorary Professor in Urban Policy, University of Sydney.

"It's fantastic to see the City of Adelaide working to enable a significant advantage to Adelaide based businesses when competing in the new global digital economy. This is great news for companies like Chamonix that are continually searching for innovative ways to help our customers do business with the world. A super-fast network in the city will help us further explore areas such as virtual reality, machine learning, telehealth and the internet of things. This is great news for business in Adelaide. Access to a super-fast network will allow Adelaide based businesses to communicate utilising new evolving technologies, enabling new digital channels and allow larger payloads to be shared between businesses. Usage of this network will provide significantly greater efficiencies for both local collaboration and when working with other connected high speed cities." Geoff Rohrsheim, Director, Cevo

"Redstack is a progressive, North Adelaide based South Australian headquartered business. At the core of our business is high end cloud services like, so reliable fast connectivity to Cloud datacentres is critical in maintaining a competitive advantage. With the current decline in internet data service – largely due to congestion on the internet, we are already seeing marked declines in productivity. Without access to high speed, cloud connected data, we will have no option but relocate our business to hi speed data centric locations. Hi speed cloud data access is now a mission critical service, second only to electricity. We fully support this project and see enormous benefits for our city and our business." Michael Lachs, Director, Redstack

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