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What Are The Benefits?

Ten Gigabit Adelaide will deliver a range of benefits for the city, businesses and the broader community.

For the City

  • Between $16m and $76.4m economic benefit per annum for the local community*
  • Up to 2,500 new jobs to be created over the first 6 years, including 40 FTE jobs per year of construction*
  • Helps to retain and attract new businesses, entrepreneurs, government and institutions
  • Results in more people working, living, visiting and spending time and money in the City   
  • Fundamental infrastructure needed to deliver a variety of smart city projects and services such as intelligent traffic flow, autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, smart lighting, wayfinding and CCTV security
  • Reduces pressure on public internet networks and improved Adelaide Free WiFi
  • Reduces current and future costs of City’s own communication requirements

* Source: South Australian Centre for Economic Studies (University of Adelaide)

For business

  • Symmetrical 10Gbps data speeds, providing improved productivity and operational efficiencies 
  • Exclusive access to a community of other City-based businesses and organisations, creating endless opportunities for collaboration, innovation and sharing of resources and data
  • Access to the latest business data applications, services and tools
  • Greater ability to attract and retain talent
  • A distinct competitive edge over businesses that are not connected to the network 
  • Reduces costs for communication requirements, data infrastructure and connectivity
  • Increases global competitiveness by quickly and securely exporting services to the world
  • Makes connected buildings more attractive to tenants

For residents, workers, students and visitors

  • Enables new and existing smart city projects and services that will make it easier, safer and more enjoyable to navigate and spend time in the City
  • Improves residential internet services once business traffic is shifted to the Ten Gigabit Network
  • More businesses will mean greater job opportunities, including more career prospects for graduates and leading to the retention of Adelaide’s youth
  • New opportunities to learn and share information across schools, universities, medical precincts and research facilities
  • New and exciting range of events and festivals such as real time live music performances and digital art for all to enjoy
  • Creates digital based community networks between residents, workers, students, businesses and visitors.

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