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About Adelaide

Adelaide is South Australia’s capital and its economic, educational and cultural hub

This is all encapsulated in the city’s centre – a vibrant, safe and sophisticated square mile that shows off a picturesque colonial heritage. City of Adelaide’s vision includes making a liveable city with attractive walking and cycling and more efficient public transport. Meanwhile, initiatives like city-wide wireless internet and quality cafes and restaurants make working in the city a civilised pleasure.

Meet some of our passionate locals and hear about their work in the city and their favourite city places.

Check out these interviews from the summer of 2013-14, when the Capital City Committee Directorate tracked down an eclectic selection of Adelaide’s creative and tech masters, property and place gurus, and brand and innovation strategists.


Outside of the CBD you’re quickly greeted with a relaxed lifestyle of beaches and Hills, and attractive neighbouring wine regions, and we are ranked consistently in the world’s top ten liveable cities.

Together with this the city is prospering with per capita growth ahead of the national average, and a period of urban revitalisation is underway.

Why choose Adelaide?

KPMG’s 2012 Report saw Adelaide named the most competitive city in the Asia Pacific, beating Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Tokyo. On top of this it’s also great value, with commercial rent the lowest per square metre of any mainland capital and modern, attractive tenancies available.

From 2005 to 2010, the City of Adelaide recorded the fastest growth of all council areas in South Australia, and the city is only getting more attractive.


Legislative change to extend trading hours and encourage small bars and cafes reflects the State Government’s pro-business focus, and Council is bringing life to the city in innovative ways.

While retail is the heart of the city, we are among the most cost-competitive locations in the world for clinical trials and product testing, and we have strong biotechnology, chemical, information technology, telecommunications and electronics sectors. We are linked to road, air and rail networks and have mature manufacturing and mining industries and expanding education, defence, renewable and clean energy and service sectors.

South Australia’s historic origins in agriculture, food and wine are a significant part of our cultural and economic future.

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