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City Spaces & Venues for Hire

The City of Adelaide has venues for hire to cater for large and small events, weddings, conferences and everything in between.

The following spaces can be booked through the City of Adelaide: the Adelaide Park Lands, the Adelaide Town Hall, Library spaces and the North Adelaide Golf Course. 

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Adelaide Park Lands: Fees, charges, remediation & booking

Our City offers a variety of parks suitable for most events and functions; From wedding ceremonies, small community events and corporate functions to festivals and concerts. 

The Adelaide Park Lands Events Management Plan is the guiding document for managing events in the Park Lands. The Adelaide Park Lands Events Policy outlines Council’s approach to consultation, fee structure and caring for the Park lands in relation to hosting events in the Park Lands. 

Fees & Charges

When budgeting for your Park Lands event there are three primary City of Adelaide (ACC) costs that you will need to consider. These include Park Land Site Fees, Operational Service Fees and Remediation charges. 

Other costs may apply depending on the nature of your event (for example: public consultation advertising costs) and these will be discussed with you during the application process.

Park Lands Site Fees:

Park Lands Events Site Fees are charged according to the location, applicant entity type, amount of space required and season. 

Some event sites in the Western and Southern Park Lands attract a discount. Council also provides discounts for a not-for-profit community groups, and for events held in the winter season. 

Download: Park Lands Site Fees

Operational Service Fees:

Operational Services Fees apply for services such as power, rubbish bin delivery, irrigation markouts and tap installations. These costs are quoted prior to the event, based on your event requirements. 

Download: Park Lands Events Operational Service Fees (from 1 July 2017) (224KB)

Public Consultation Fees:

Public consultation is required for events that trigger certain elements. Please refer to the Adelaide Park Lands Events Management Plan for more information. An information sheet has been developed which further explains the public consultation process and associated fees.


Remediation occurs when the Park Lands are impacted by events and ACC needs to undertake work to manage those impacts. Impacts can be highly visible (for example: wheel ruts caused by vehicle movement or dead grass) or more subtle (for example: compaction caused by lots of people dancing in front of a stage). Remediation needs and associated charges are confirmed after the event occurs, following a site inspection by ACC.

Please click on this link for further information regarding protecting public spaces during events and indicative costings for remediation work post events.

Booking your Event

The Event facilitation process for medium and major events in the Adelaide Park Lands sets out the process that Council's Events team take for the processing and approving of a Booking Application Form for a medium or major event in the Adelaide Park Lands.

Follow these steps to book your event in the Adelaide Park Lands:

1. Plan ahead - Event organisers must follow the Adelaide Park Lands Events Guidelines

  • Applications to hold a Major Event must be lodged at least 6 months prior to bump-in.
  • Major event - an event of 10,000 plus people and/or over 20,000 square metres.
  • Applications to hold a Medium Event must be lodged at least 3 months prior to bump-in, or at least 6 months prior if held over multiple days.
  • Medium event - an event of 1,501 to 9,999 people and/or over 1,000 and less than 20,000 square metres.
  • Applications to hold a Small Event must be lodged at least 21 days prior to bump-in or 3 months if held over multiple days.
  • Small event - an event of 0 - 1,500 people and/or less than 1,000 square metres in size.

2. Find a great location.

3. Read the Conditions of Hire

4. Complete the Booking Application Form 


  • Download the Booking Application Form - Events in the City: Park Lands and Roads and send to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), or 
  • Complete the Online Booking Request Form.

Sustainable Event Guidelines

The City of Adelaide (CoA) has long been recognised as one of the world’s great festival cities; facilitating over 800 events every year. Events play an important role in stimulating the local economy and fostering a creative and liveable city.

As part of the CoA community’s commitment to be a one of the world’s first carbon neutral cities and a leader in environmental change, there is a growing expectation that events are sustainable. These guidelines were developed with input from the event industry, to provide clear guidance on practical measures to make events more sustainable and promote sustainability achievements.

Download the Sustainable Event Guidelines.

Additional City of Adelaide Resources

Certificate of Installation 
Development Approval Requirements
Event Noise Mitigation Standard Operating Procedures
Events in Park Lands Standard Operating Procedures
Incident Notification Form for Event Licences 
Information for Temporary Food Premises at Events
Liquor Licensing Policy
Liquor Licensing Operating Guidelines
Notice of Subsequent Years Form 
Permit Application Form for Burning in the Open;
Temporary Structures 
Victoria Square / Tarntanyangga - Hirers’ Guidelines
Victoria Square / Tarntanyangga - Pavement Loading Plan

Useful Links

Australian Performing Right Association (APRA)

When music is played and/or performed live, made available online or copied, the business authorising that music use almost always requires a licence. This covers the rights of the songwriter, composer and music publisher who made and own the piece of music. It is not just important for you to have permission from the copyright owners and pay for the right to use the music for the benefit of your business but a legal requirement too.

Compostable Package Supplies for SA

Compostable packaging is a more environmentally sustainable solution to single use materials. To support industry, City of Adelaide has compiled a list of currently known suppliers of certified compostable materials to the Adelaide market. This listing is correct at time of publishing and is open for quarterly updates given the appropriate certification evidence can be provided.

Consumer and Business Services: Liquor Licensing

If you are organising an event where alcohol will be served or sold, you may need to apply for a limited licence. For information, online applications forms and fact sheets as well as other tools relating to Liquor Licensing in South Australia, please see Consumer and Business Services.

Declared Smoke-free Outdoor Areas and Events

Sections 51 and 52 of the Tobacco Products Regulation Act 1997 allow local councils and other incorporated bodies to identify and apply to make events declared no-smoking. This allows the event's no-smoking status to be enforceable.

Phonographic Performance Company of Australia (PPCA)

PPCA is a non-profit organisation that provides licenses to Australian businesses to play recorded music in public. The net fees are distributed to record labels and registered Australian artists who create recordings so they can continue to make music for us all to enjoy.

SafeWork SA – Event Safety Management Information

SafeWork SA does not approve public events, but simply identifies ways in which SafeWork SA could assist event organisers.

SafeWork SA is interested in receiving the public assessment checklist form (preferably 4 weeks before an event) for the events that have either of the following:

  • Registered amusement devices
  • Dangerous goods over the licensable quantities, i.e. 250kg or more of LPG, 120L or more of class 3 (e.g. petrol)
  • Fireworks
  • Large marquees (i.e. over 6m in length)
  • Stages/grand stands (that require scaffolding)

For further information please see - SafeWork SA - Event Safety Management Information.

SAPOL Crowded Places & Event Planning

Events that are likely to have large gatherings of people should review the available information regarding Risk assessment and advice. SA Police have a guided self-assessment tool to assess the crowd safety at your event.

Adelaide Town Hall

For an indoor venue, you have the option of booking your event at the elegant and affordable Adelaide Town Hall spaces. You will also have the opportunity to include catering from the award-winning EPICURE.

Library Spaces

You can choose to book a library space at the City Library or Hutt Street library.  

North Adelaide Golf Course

Looking for something with a greener surrounding? Try hosting your event at the North Adelaide Golf Course. Surrounded with beautifully manicured lawns, it makes a great space for weddings or corporate functions.

Privately Owned Venues

The Activation Guideline has been put together to assist customers with enquiries relating to holding events in privately owned venues (building, car park) within the city, and outlines the process involved. It also provides single points of contact within Council.

This Guideline relates to activations that require going through a Development Approval process because it is on private land.

For further information relating to Liquor Licensing mentioned in the guideline please visit:

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