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Waste & Recycling for City Businesses

City of Adelaide provides kerbside waste and recycling services to businesses that generate small volumes of waste and recycling, similar to that generated by a residential premises.

  • 1 x Waste bin – collected weekly 140-litre (red lid)
  • 1 x Recycling bin – collected fortnightly 240-litre (yellow lid)
  • No organics collections for businesses.  

Refer to the Waste and Recycling Collection Calendar for collection days in your street.

Collection Calendar

NEW! Download and print the 2017 Waste and Recycling Collection Calendar:

Kerbside cardboard collection service

Council provides a weekly kerbside cardboard collection for small businesses to present up to 0.25m3 of flattened cardboard on the footpath for recycling.

Cardboard must be placed on the nearest serviced kerb ready for collection by 6pm but not before 3pm on their designated collection day. To prepare cardboard for collection businesses must flatten and bundle their cardboard and tie with string or nylon (not wire or cable) or to put flattened cardboard in another cardboard box.

Find out more about the cardboard collection service or contact our Customer Service Centre on 8203 7203.

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