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Parklet applications are not being sought at this time.

If you wish to be notified of a future call for parklet proposals, please contact the Customer Centre on 8203 7203.

What is a parklet?

A parklet is created by transforming a section of existing on-street parking into a small, high-quality urban space that is available for everyone to use.

Parklets provide public amenity, including outdoor space for nearby cafés and restaurants, bike racks, planter boxes, benches, landscaping and other features.

The design and installation of a parklet is fully funded by the applicant. Once installed, the applicant acts as the host with responsibility for the day-to-day maintenance and ensuring the area remains clean and attractive.

Parklets operate under a 12-month Parklet Permit issued by Council. Provided the parklet is operating in an acceptable manner, the permit will be renewed subject to continued good management and maintenance by the owner.

City of Adelaide’s parklets are guided by the Parklet Program Operating Guidelines. This document sets out the program objectives, appropriate sites, consultation requirements, design principles and responsibilities of both the applicant and Council in the creation of a parklet.

Parklets in Adelaide

The City of Adelaide Parklet Program is based on the model originally developed in San Francisco where more than 50 parklets have been created under the Pavements to Parks program since 2010.

Over the past three years, City of Adelaide has worked closely with local businesses to create a number of privately-funded parklets as part of a program to test the San Francisco model in the local environment.

Six parklets are now operating in the city. Each was designed as a unique space, offering amenities such as bench seating, greenery, tables and shade that enhance the quality of public life, as well as outdoor dining which supports the economic prosperity of the sponsoring business.

See the gallery and A Day in the Life of a Parklet for an overview of Adelaide’s parklets.

Parklet Program Review

In early 2015, a review of the Parklet Program evaluated the public response to this new type of public space in the city and considered the impact of parklets on the streetscape, local businesses and Council. The results of this assessment helped guide the direction of the 2015-16 program.

Download: Parklet Program Review Report (PDF, 2MB)

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