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Objects on Footpath


Persons/Businesses who have a ground floor establishment or, access to "Non-Ground Floor" business premises via their own specific door entrance and are in the area specified in the Policy, are eligible to apply for an Object on Footpath application.

In order to make it easier to place an A-Frame on the footpath, a permit is no longer required.  Business’ do need to ensure they are to be eligible for A-Frame placement prior to placing the object on the footpath. 

To find out if your business is eligible, please refer to the Objects on Footpath Policy 

How to Apply

To apply for a Objects on Footpath Permit please fill in the application form:

Download: Objects on footpath application form

You must submit with your application:

  • Completed application form
  • A certificate of currency of your Public Liability Insurance for a minimum of $20 million, noting City of Adelaide as an interested party
  • Diagram / site plan of proposed sign / object

Return the completed form with supporting documentation to:

Approvals Officer
GPO BOX 2252
Adelaide SA 5001

Alternatively, you can also apply online:

» Apply online


"Objects on Footpath" applications are assessed on an individual basis against the Councils. Special conditions may apply where external factors may impede or compromise the public safety.

Special conditions may be attached to individual Permits if there is a need to specify certain locations and display areas.

The use of moveable signs (A-Frames & T-Frames), do not require a permit if the following conditions are met:

Ground level placement of A-Frames will be permitted in the following locations:

  • For Business' with a ground floor frontage
  • On footpaths with a width of approximately 3 metres

A-Frames cannot be placed:

  • On a footpath that is the boundary of the Park Lands, square or reserve
  • On a footpath that is grassed, landscaped or gardened
  • Rundle Mall and Ceremonial streets (North Terrace, King William between North Terrace and Victoria Square / Tarntanyangga)

If you meet the above criteria, and are located in an area that is not within a Bus, Taxi or loading Zone, you must also ensure your A-Frame can be placed:

  • 2 metres from the building line (to ensure a pedestrian thoroughfare is maintained at all times and to limit obstructions for the vision impaired),
  • 0.6 metres from the street kerb, and
  • 1 metre from any street infrastructure (including poles, benches and trees)


The fees are applied as stated in City of Adelaide's current Fees & Charges Schedule.

Object on Footpath Permit cost can be found on the Council Fees and Charges Schedule

Restrictions of Use

There are certain areas within the City of Adelaide boundaries that are restricted from displaying Objects on the footpath. These include Rundle Mall and Ceremonial Streets. North Terrace and King William Street north of Victoria Square are classified as Ceremonial Streets and Objects on footpaths are not permitted.

Development Application

Attachments to buildings (Flags/Signs) may need Development Approval before the application can be proceeded with. Confirmation may be sought before application submitted.

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