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Media Production

City of Adelaide welcomes film companies, commercial photographers, educational institutions, film studios, television stations, and the general public to use Adelaide’s city streets and Park Lands for media production.

The downloadable material on this page forms part of the Media Production Kit. For a full hardcopy version, please contact the City of Adelaide Customer Service Centre on (08) 8203 7203 or in writing to City of Adelaide Customer Centre, 25 Pirie Street, Adelaide, SA, 5000.

How to Apply

The term “Media Production” refers to and includes filming and photography.

It is important to note we require a minimum of 5 business days notice in order to process a request for a Media Production Permit.

You will need a permit if you are:

  • A commercial business or media production company
  • A not-for-profit organisation
  • A student

You will need a permit if you want to:

  • Use the city streets, footpaths, Park Lands or Mall
  • Close or have exclusive use of public areas such as the Park Lands, malls, roadways and footpaths
  • Use freestanding equipment such as lighting, generators, dolly tracks and tripods that could be a danger to the public or restrict public use of the area.
  • Have cables on the ground in a public area


Risk Management Plan

The activity, location or subject matter you wish to film or photograph may involve an element of risk (including the setup and dismantling) e.g. doing stunts, blocking paths, or having electrical equipment.

City of Adelaide needs to ensure that the safety of all involved, including the general public, is considered and that all risks have been identified.

City of Adelaide require all permit applicants to identify any risks involved in the proposed activity and how they will be counter measured. These risks may affect whether approval is granted or rejected.

Road Closures & On-Street Parking Spaces

Should you wish to close a road, street or lane you will need to obtain the appropriate permission.

Fees may apply, so when you apply ensure that you fully disclose exactly what it is you’d like to do. Alternatively you may wish to use our Temporary Parking Controls to reserve spaces for your essential production vehicles. Feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements, or visit our Parking Controls Page to apply. 

Fees and Charges

The permit fee for commercial photography and filming is listed below: 

There is no permit fee for students (student ID required) or Not-for-Profit organisations.

Public Liability Insurance must be provided (see application form for the level of cover required for your activity)

Further fees may apply for items such as:

  • Closing a road;
  • Taking out parking spaces;
  • Utilising infrastructure (eg. water filled barriers, setting up marquees)

City of Adelaide Property Listing

City of Adelaide owns a number of properties that could be a great location for your film or photo shoot. Enquire through our customer Customer Service Centre on 8203 7203.

Property Listing Phone

  • City of Adelaide Golf Links (08) 8267 2171
  • Adelaide Aquatic Centre (08) 8344 4411
  • City of Adelaide Nursery (08) 8203 7203

UPark Car Parks

  • Central Market
  • Grenfell Street
  • Grote Street
  • Light Square
  • Flinders Street
  • Rundle Street
  • Sturt Street
  • Topham Mall
  • Wyatt Street

(08) 8203 7203

Residential & Commercial Property Register

The City and North Adelaide are abundant with interesting buildings of historical, architectural, aesthetic and sometimes even notorious natures.

City of Adelaide have a register available to local residents (commercial & private) enabling them to list their premises as potential film/photography locations.

DOWNLOAD: Residential & Commercial Property Register Form (79Kb)

A photo would obviously assist us in promoting your property, however, Council do guarantee complete privacy as no contact details or addresses will be made available to anyone without having obtained your permission.

Terms & Conditions

There is a standard set of Terms and Conditions (57Kb) that apply to all permit holders. City of Adelaide recommends that you read these conditions thoroughly as they are enforceable.

City of Adelaide may also apply other conditions pursuant to the nature of the activity.


If you are seeking accommodation during your stay in Adelaide please check out the SA Tourism Commission website as they have a listing to assist you find suitable accommodation to meet your needs.

The Greater SA

At City of Adelaide we realise that we don’t have beaches or mountains within our precinct and we do recognise that sometimes these sorts of locations may be what you are looking for when you come to South Australia.

The Local Government Association website has a fantastic map to aid you in securing your location. When you click on the area you are interested in filming it will advise you which Council has jurisdiction over that area and also lists contact details. Simply contact that Council for permission to film/photograph in their precinct.


City of Adelaide welcomes, supports and encourages student activity in the city. Whilst City of Adelaide does not charge students for the Media Production permit in the city and Park Lands we still need to provide approval to ensure that your activity meets all safety requirements. All we require is a copy of your student identification.

Contact Us

We would love your feedback on your experience with us at City of Adelaide as it allows us to improve the services we provide to you. 

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