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Home Based Businesses

This information is provided as a general guide only and may not be relevant to your specific circumstances. We encourage you to speak with Council’s City Planning team about your specific requirements. You can access free advice from a Council Planning Officer by phoning 8203 7185.

Who should read this guide?

Anyone who is proposing to operate a small-scale business from the site of their residential premises.

What is a home activity?

A home activity is the use of a site by a person/resident on the site that:

(a) complies with the following criteria:

  • The floor or site area of the business does not exceed 30 m2 of floor area
  • No more than one other person in addition to the specified person works on the premises at any time
  • Requirements on public utilities (e.g. electricity/water) is not greater than those for domestic use
  • No products or goods for sale or associated with the business are displayed
  • No vehicles in excess of 3 tonne tare in weight are associated with, or service, the business
  • There is no detrimental effect on the amenity of any part of the locality

(b) does not require or involve any of the following:

A sign (other than a non-illuminated sign not exceeding 0.2 m2 which displays the name, address and identification of the business or profession)

A nuisance* to any owner or occupier of land in the vicinity.

*A nuisance is considered to be an activity that annoys another person and may include:

  • Excessive noise
  • Traffic - deliveries, parking etc.
  • An excessive number of visitors to the property
  • Activity outside of normal business hours
  • Generation of fumes, dust, smoke etc.

Determining the levels of nuisance can be subjective and, in cases where there is a dispute relating to nuisance activity, Council may attempt to resolve these issues through mediation.

Home-based food business

A home-based food business uses a residential home to prepare food for sale.

This includes preparing food for local markets or school canteens, catering for events, B&Bs, farm-stay, childcare businesses and online food sales from home.

It includes selling food, as well as giving away food for advertising or fund-raising.

More information on home-based food businesses can be found here

When is Development Approval required?

Provided the business is conducted within the above-defined criteria of home activity, an application to Council is NOT required.

You are however advised to give written notice to Council’s Development Assessment Team of your intentions to undertake a home activity.

If your proposed home activity does not conform to the above- defined criteria of home activity, a development application must be lodged with Council. In these instances, please read the information guides on  Non-Complying Development for further information.

The proposal will be assessed against the relevant provisions of the Adelaide (City) Development Plan in relation to the proposed land use. There is NO guarantee that consent will be granted.

It is also recommended that you check with other authorities for any non-Council related requirements that may need to be met.

Further Information

For further information or to discuss your specific requirements, contact City of Adelaide’s City Planning team on 8203 7185.

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