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Accessibility for Business

You could be missing out on opportunities to increase your customer base due to barriers within your business that you may not know exist.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) estimates suggest that 1 in 5 Australians identify as having a disability at some point in their life, the incidence of disability increasing with age. This number is expected to double by 2030.

Disability is a broad term that covers a range of experiences. Practically this includes people experiencing things such as low vision, limited mobility, hearing impairment, brain injury, stroke or Autism. Many of the experiences outlined above are ones that anyone can become part of at any time either through accident, injury, illness or through ageing.

There are a range of simple solutions you can put in place to ensure your business is accessible to a range of customers. You are encouraged to contact City of Adelaide’s Building department on 8203 7185 should you be considering making any building alterations to your business.

Our friendly team are more than happy to talk you through your ideas and identify possible solutions.


City of Adelaide has developed a resource which provides a range of simple ideas for improving the accessibility of your business. Small improvements to the accessibility of a business can create new opportunities to increase customers and revenue.  The resource is available in English, Vietnamese, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified and Japanese. Please click on the links below to view the resource. Please contact 8203 7001 for any further information or if you wish to discuss any plans to make changes to a business premise. 


  • Is your furniture stable?
  • Can a wheelchair fit easily under at least some of your tables? As a guide a table surface height of 750mm – 850mm is recommended
  • Can a wheelchair access at least one of your dining tables without impeding pedestrian movement space?
  • Is your seating access friendly? As a guide seating height of 450mm – 520mm is recommended
  • Is there sufficient lighting (without glare) in the area to assist those with vision impairment?
  • Does the colour of your furniture contrast with the area around it, enabling the vision impaired to navigate the space?
  • Does your premise offer an accessible toilet? Is it free of clutter and stored items?  

Menus & Cutlery

  • Are your menus in large font and easy to read?
  • Do you have hard copy menus that can be read at the table rather than having to locate a menu board?
  • Can customers access your menu online?
  • Is your crockery and cutlery easy to hold and use?

General Accessibility

  • Do the acoustics allow for ease of hearing? Consider acoustic panels or soft furnishings to assist with this.
  • Do your staff have a basic understanding of disability awareness?
  • Are your doorways clear of hazards?
  • Are any steps clearly marked?
  • Are there any head height hazards?

Guide Dogs and Assistance Dogs

  • Is there space for a guide/assistance dog to be placed without impeding pedestrian access?
  • Is a water bowl available on request for guide/assistance dogs? 

Other links and resources

There are many resources available to assist you to determine how accessible your business is. We recommend visiting:

  • Come in we’re accessible: Improving accessibility in retail and hospitality - A website with information for landlords, business owners, managers and shop staff.
  • Enterprise Melbourne - Access checklists for businesses to determine areas for improvement.
  • Equal Opportunities Commission SA - To help understand your legal responsibilities.
  • Association of Consultants in Access Australia - A website where you can search for an access consultant who can assist with making specific recommendations for your business either prior to opening or after.
  • Seniors Card - There are 350,000 Senior’s Card holders in South Australia. Find out how you can offer discounts and market yourself directly to this group.
  • Companion Card - A card issued to people with a permanent disability who require attendant care support which allows a companion to enter free of charge to participating venues and activities.
  • Recharge Scheme Australia - A program to provide designated areas for people to safely recharge their electric mobility scooter or wheelchair battery, free of charge. Businesses can sign up for free and City of Adelaide produces a city listing and map.
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