What services will be available?

Businesses that are in one of the Ten Gigabit Adelaide connected buildings will be able to choose from the latest and proven business data capabilities, applications, services and tools.

The first wave of services that will be offered through Ten Gigabit Adelaide by TPG include:

  • Business-to-business connectivity – businesses connected to the network will be able to transmit data at 10Gbps speeds between offices / other businesses with no data transfer limit and at super low latency.
  • Secure corporate network links – enabling remote connection of office communication systems, locally and beyond.
  • Voice and video communication systems.
  • High-speed and direct connection to the internet / ISP services.
  • Direct cloud connectivity.

Each service in the Ten Gigabit Adelaide suite has its own, dedicated and uncontested connection, meaning businesses can access the same upload and download speeds via a clean, super-fast, low-latency connection.

How do businesses access the services?

Businesses located in already-connected buildings can access the network and a range of services immediately– businesses in these buildings are being contacted directly by TPG.

For more information about the services available and how your business can access Ten Gigabit Adelaide, reach out to TPG through the below methods.


13 61 78

You can also refer to the Ten Gigabit Adelaide fact sheet for further information.