What is Ten Gigabit Adelaide?

Ten Gigabit Adelaide is a revolutionary high-speed, high-performance fibre optic data network that is being rolled out to commercial buildings across the City of Adelaide. The network will enable businesses and organisations to access a range of cloud-based services and phenomenal 10Gbps data speeds.

This critical infrastructure will unleash a wide range of new possibilities for businesses and organisations, without being inhibited by the restrictions and congestion often experienced with traditional internet services. Each service in the Ten Gigabit Adelaide suite has its own, dedicated and uncontested connection, meaning businesses can access the same upload and download speeds via a clean, super-fast, low-latency connection.

Ten Gigabit Adelaide is specifically designed for businesses and organisations located in the City of Adelaide, giving City-based businesses a distinct competitive advantage. It is currently being rolled out to 1,000 buildings throughout the CBD and along the main commercial strips in North Adelaide.

This, in turn, will help to retain and attract new businesses to the City of Adelaide, create jobs, drive innovation and investment, and generate significant economic, social and financial benefits for the City and the local community.

TPG is installing the fibre optic network via ducts and pits in the ground and then connecting fibre optic cables direct to individual buildings. A connection point is being installed in each of the 1,000 selected buildings.

Unique fibre extensions are being made for each business customer within the connected buildings, providing a direct access point to a symmetrical 10Gbps transmission link. Businesses can purchase a service, or several services, via the Ten Gigabit Adelaide network access point. Large businesses can choose to have multiple access points, with the comfort of knowing each one is independent and will provide secure, reliable and symmetrical 10Gbps performance.

Businesses that are in one of the Ten Gigabit Adelaide connected buildings will be able to choose from the latest and proven business data capabilities, applications, services and tools.

The first wave of services that will be offered through Ten Gigabit Adelaide by TPG include:

  • Business-to-business connectivity – businesses connected to the network will be able to transmit data at 10Gbps speeds between offices / other businesses with no data transfer limit and at super low latency.
  • Secure corporate network links – enabling remote connection of office communication systems, locally and beyond.
  • Voice and video communication systems.
  • High-speed and direct connection to the internet / ISP services.
  • Direct cloud connectivity.

Each service in the Ten Gigabit Adelaide suite has its own, dedicated and uncontested connection, meaning businesses can access the same upload and download speeds via a clean, super-fast, low-latency connection.

If you are interested in connecting to Ten Gigabit Adelaide, reach out to TPG through the below methods.


13 61 78

You can also refer to the Ten Gigabit Adelaide fact sheet for further information.

The City of Adelaide have partnered with TPG Telecom to construct and operate the Ten Gigabit Network. TPG is a licensed telecommunications carrier and is required to comply with all current Australian legislation and regulations. TPG uses industry best practice in relation to the design and construction of its networks including in relation to cyber security and intrusion prevention.

Ten Gigabit Adelaide is a fibre optic carriage network that has inherent secure elements, in that it is a point to point carriage service so points at which unauthorised access can be obtained are limited. As with any IT or telecommunications connection, end users will need to ensure they have their own security measures in place (i.e. firewall, password protection, two-step/multi-factor verification etc.) in relation to their use of the service and as relevant for their business requirements.

No Huawei equipment is not banned for use in Australia.

In August 2018, the Australian Federal Government advised telecommunications companies that the Government would not support the use of certain Vendor equipment in Fifth Generation Mobile Phone (5G) networks. Huawei was not specifically mentioned but it is understood that the Government would take steps to block use of Huawei networking equipment in 5G mobile networks ONLY. The Government has not banned the importation of Huawei equipment and the government’s statement does not apply to any other type of network equipment.

Huawei equipment is used pervasively throughout telco networks worldwide; in Australia this includes by Optus, Vocus, Vodafone, and TPG. There has been no concern expressed by the Government in relation to fixed line telecommunications network like the Ten Gigabit Adelaide network.

As with all telecommunications providers, a mix of technology vendors are used to provide equipment to support a robust and reliable communications network. The vendor mix includes Cisco, Huawei, Ciena, Alcatel, and Metaswitch.

Yes, the Ten Gigabit Adelaide network has been designed in a way that allows customers to select the technology vendor of their choice if they have specific business requirements. Talk to your TPG representative to discuss your specific needs.

The Ten Gigabit Adelaide network is a fixed line fibre optic network. Fourth Generation (commonly known as 4G) and Fifth Generation (commonly known as 5G) are mobile networks and are inherently different to the Ten Gigabit Adelaide network.

The Ten Gigabit Adelaide network is a fixed line network using fibre optic technology to connect end users where as 5G Mobile Networks use radio transmission technology to connect end users.

There is no charge for the installation of a Ten Gigabit Adelaide access point in buildings – this is being provided free of charge by the City of Adelaide and TPG.

The price for accessing individual services is considerably less than what is currently on offer in the market, with access to a 10GB port starting from $399, which includes 1GB of internet.

TPG has commenced installation of the network and will continue to progressively roll out to 1,000 selected buildings within the CBD and along the main commercial strips in North Adelaide within the next two years.