Online contractor induction

The City of Adelaide's Safety Vision and aspiration is contained in the following statements:

  • We acknowledge our duty of care to all persons who may be at our workplaces, including City of Adelaide (CoA) workers and volunteers, contractors and their workers, visitors and the general public.
  • Decisions about health and safety are made with integrity and never compromise the wellbeing of our people, the people working with us and the people who may be affected by those decisions.

The CoA has an obligation to ensure that people and the natural environment are not exposed to hazards or damage and that a safe workplace is provided for all workers where CoA has direct control over the activities so far as is reasonably practicable.

All Contractors/ Suppliers working for CoA or on CoA controlled worksites shall meet the requirements of their own Policies, Procedures and all relevant Work Health Safety & Environmental legislation so far as is reasonably practicable.

This Online Contractor Induction is provided as a general guide and as such cannot cover every situation or answer all safety questions but will assist you in setting a standard for safe work and minimising risk. All contractors/ suppliers must ensure that WHS legislative compliance is met through their own management systems.

For the purpose of this induction, the term “workers” in relation to Contractors/ Suppliers, refers to the Contractor/ Supplier’s employees, sub-contractors and suppliers.

If you have questions remaining at the end of the module, please ask your council contact person or any of the City of Adelaide WHS Team members once you get to site.

Contractor Induction - 3 Step Process

  1. Complete the on-line induction modules assigned to you.
  2. Print out the certificate at the end of the induction.
  3. Bring the certificate into Security or to your City of Adelaide contact.

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