New permit fees

We’re making it easier for you to do business with us.

From 1 July 2021, we moved from setting individual fees per activity, to a consistent, equitable model, that calculates permit fees based on the physical space occupied.

Permit fees are now charged at one of five base fees multiplied by the physical space occupied (per square metre) and number of days. City Works will be capped at $295 per day.

Our new permit fee calculator will help you to determine your new fees.

By providing a more streamlined permit fee model, we’re making it easier to do business with the City of Adelaide, and assisting our business community on the path from recovery to growth.

Pay for what you use

Under the new permit fee model, we’ve ensured you’ll only pay for the space you use by:

  • applying an equitable model—activities having less impact on public space will pay lower fees than those occupying larger spaces.
  • removing weekly fees—some of our fees are currently charged weekly. The new daily charge means you won’t have to pay for the days you don't need.

    Enabling businesses

    Delivering on our 2020–2024 Strategic Plan Community Outcome: Strong Economies the new permit fees mean businesses can benefit from:

    • simplified interactions from a streamlined permit fee model.
    • cutting red tape to make it easier to deal with us.
    • enhanced digital capabilities allowing all applications to be submitted online.
    • enabling access to low cost activation opportunities.

    Calculate your fees advance

    Our new permit fee calculator helps you to estimate your fees before applying.

    Select a calculator

    City Works and Hoarding

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    Distribution of Free Samples

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    Helicopter Landing

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    Badge Day Collection of Money

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    Surveys and Petitions

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    Footpath Stickers

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    Retail Displays

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    Outdoor Dining

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    Business Promotions

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    Fee calculator


    Activity typeCurrent feeNew fees

    Business promotions

    $235 per day regardless of activity size

    Business promotion occupying 20m2 = $32 per day
    Business promotion occupying 200m2 = $320 per day

    Ladders (City Works)

    $60 per week regardless of days

    Ladder occupying 4m2 = $6.40 per day
    Ladders occupying 10m2 = $16 per day

    Additional information

    Applications received in June, with a start date in June, will be invoiced under the current fees.

    Applications received in June, with a start date on or after July 1, will be assessed under both the current and the new fees and we will endeavour to apply the best rate for customers.

    If you would like to be charged under the current fees please submit your application no later than Friday 18 June 2021.

    Applications received on or after July 1 will be invoiced under the new fees.

    Standard assessment times will continue to apply to all permit applications.

    For more information, please contact us.

    If you've already been charged an annual fee, your annual permit is valid until the next renewal date.

    If your next renewal date is after 1 July 2021, you'll be invited to renew your permit at the new rate.

    Through research, national benchmarking and an external report the valuation of public space has been made at $1.60 per square metre, per day for public space activations. Further discounts have been applied off this rate for some permit categories and applicants.

    As the City of Adelaide has a diverse customer base for a variety of uses and benefits, two customer categories have been developed:

    • Business Activation – Use of the public space to conduct or promote business of a commercial nature.
    • Community Activation – Non-profit making activities undertaken in the public space by students, community groups, charity and not for profit organisations.

    Need more information?

    If you have any questions, please contact us:

    8203 7203