Collection of monies

An On-street activity permit is required by charitable organisations that are not officially registered with Revenue SA and wish to collect money, pledges or goods on-street within the city and North Adelaide. 

If you are collecting on behalf of a registered charitable organisation, you will need to apply for a Badge Day Permit.

When can we collect?

Wednesday is the only designated day for collection of monies, pledges or goods on-street.

Please note: The activity is limited to a single period of no longer than three hours in a day. No more than two people can be grouped at the same location. The “Collection Days” will be allocated as the applications are received. 

Collection Days will not be allocated to organisations in the week leading up to Anzac Day and Remembrance Day unless directly associated with those events.

Who can apply?

Not-for-profit, incorporated organisations or companies limited by guarantee may apply for an On-street activity permit to collect money, pledges or goods (including the sale of raffle tickets) on the streets of the city and North Adelaide. 

Where can we collect?

Locations are approved on a case by case basis and determined by the responsible permit officer.

The following locations are not included in the On-street activity permit for the collection of monies pledges and goods

  • Rundle Mall
  • Adelaide Central Market
  • Adelaide Oval River Bank Precinct
  • entrances to and inside the Railway Station
  • directly outside of Parliament House
  • within 50m of a Major Event declared by the Minister.


On-street activity permit costs can be found in Council's fees and charges schedule.

Ready to apply?

Applications for an On-street activity permit can be made easily online. Before you start, have the following handy as you’ll need to submit:

  • a clear explanation for what purpose money, pledges or goods are being collected
  • a Certificate of Currency of your Public Indemnity Insurance (minimum of $20 million that also notes City of Adelaide as an interested party)
  • evidence the organisation is a not-for-profit or limited by guarantee charitable organisation.

Need more information?

If you have any questions regarding permits for Collection of monies, pledges or goods, please contact the City of Adelaide's Customer Centre:

8203 7203

Send an email