Protect your home office from fire

Working from home can be a relaxing change of pace but it’s important to stay on top of fire safety.

64 people lose their lives in preventable house fires every year in Australia on average*. In your regular office, fire safety may not be on your radar, but at home it’s your responsibility. Here are some simple steps you can take to protect you, your home and neighbours.

Is your home office as safe as your workplace? Use the Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS) simple checklist to find out. 

Download the checklist

Extra tips for home fire safety

Once you’ve gained a perfect score on the MFS checklist, use these 4 tips for superior fire safety.

1. Don’t be power hungry

A power board can get a workout across laptops, phones, desk lamps and heaters. Be cautious that your electrical items don’t become a hazard. Keep them away from fabrics, unfurl the cords, use boards that have overload cut out switches, as well as avoiding the other dozen ways these items can cause a fire.

Chargers unsafe
2. Spark only joy

By now you’ll have a dazzling fire blanket, fire extinguisher and working smoke alarm, but there might be a few items to cull from your home décor. Candles, cigarettes, electric blankets, and even wheat bags can be a fire hazard. Check to ensure they don’t pose a hazard.

3. Lunch without a flambé

You may be keen to spice up your lunch break by trying out a fancy cooking technique you picked up from Masterchef but stay vigilant when cooking with fire. Oil or fat can catch fire unexpectedly, and a misplaced tea towel can easily catch alight. Follow the full MFS cooking tips to prevent a mishap.

4. Avoid an escape room

Making an escape in a matter of seconds can become unexpectedly essential. Don’t let deadlocked doors and barred windows trap you inside. Follow the full MFS home security to ensure you can safety evacuate without finding a hidden key.

* Source: Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC – Preventable Residential Fire Fatalities in Australia July 2003 to June 2017.