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Easy English: Adelaide city and coronavirus

city of adelaide website on a computer
  • This Easy Read webpage is a summary of another webpage
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  • We have written some words in bold. We explain what these words mean

person sick in bed
  • There is a new virus that is making people sick
  • A virus is an illness that can spread easily from one person to another person
  • This new virus is called Coronavirus or COVID-19

City of adelaide logo
  • The City of Adelaide is working to make sure everyone is safe

group of coworkers
  • The City of Adelaide is the government group that looks after the city

door closing
  • Some places in the city are closing to keep everyone safe

door opening
  • Some places in the city are staying open

These are the places that are open

library building with books inside
  • Libraries are open

large building for events
  • Community Centres are open

adelaide town hall
  • The Adelaide Town Hall is open

person helping another person with information
  • The Visitor Information Centre is open

basketball court
  • Sports courts are open

dogs in park playing
  • Dog parks are open

large park with many trees
  • The park lands and gardens are open

person helping another person behind a counter
  • The City of Adelaide Customer Centre is open

market with fruits and vegetables
  • Adelaide Central Market is open

person shopping in rundle mall
  • Rundle Mall is open

cars parked together
  • UPark car parks are open

building for health and immunisations
  • Immunisation clinic is open

person playing golf
  • North Adelaide Golf Course is open

bmx bike on a dirt track
  • The BMX dirt bike track is open

  • Playgrounds are open

barbecue in a park
  • Park barbecues are open

bicycle and push scooter
  • Scooter and bike hire are open

These are the places that are closed.

swimming pool
  • The Adelaide Aquatic Centre is closed

library on a computer screen
  • The city archive is closed

Rubbish truck collecting bins
  • The City of Adelaide will keep doing work that is essential
  • Essential work is things that help keep the city clean and safe.

mobile phone
  • You can ask questions by telephone: 8203 7203

Computer with email