Darren's city story

Horticulturalist by day, casual kitchen hobbyist and passionate musician Darren found a melting pot of all his passions in city living.

Darren always had his eye on a place in the city, stemming from his love of dynamic cities like New York. In Adelaide, the dream became a reality with Darren purchasing an apartment on Hutt Street.

“Adelaide city is the perfect microcosm. From where I'm situated, I've got sweeping views of the Adelaide Hills and stretches of the Park Lands against the sky scrapers of the city,” said Darren.

Adelaide city aerial parliament house

Working as a Horticultural Tradesperson for City of Adelaide meant the convenience of city living couldn’t be matched and gave Darren more time to enjoy the things he loves. The sights and sounds of the city inspire the creation of his music which strives to uplift the mindset of the human experience.

“They say you can’t buy time. Cutting out all the travel time has definitely given me the freedom to focus on my music or get more involved with the festivals around the city,” said Darren. “I chose an apartment in the city because I can look out the window or step out on the street and experience something amazing any time I want.”

Garden of Unearthly Delights, Adelaide Fringe

Situated right on the fringe of the city’s largest area of Park Lands and home to some of Australia’s biggest Festivals has made partaking in the action a seamless exercise. From Friday nights spent at the Adelaide Fringe to getting amongst the crowds of people at the Superloop 500 concerts, the city was Darren’s playground.

“From Adelaide Oval to Victoria Park, the energy of people enjoying the city during March is really incredible,” said Darren.

Darren’s past experience as a chef has also given him an appreciation for the amazing multi-cultural food experiences tucked around every corner of the city. While he’s grown up cooking and enjoying Maltese and Italian-style cooking, the city has made indulging in a diverse range of cuisines easier than ever.

“There are so many incredible vegetarian spots in the city. My favourite picks for a quick after work pitstop would be Zen House off Rundle Street and Thea Tea Shop,” said Darren. “I’ve also been going to the Asian supermarkets in Chinatown for years which have an incredible range of beautiful authentic ingredients and spices.”

As for future plans, Darren is embracing all the adventures that comes his way however sees Adelaide as his long-term home.

“Most people want to go on holidays to get away, but my living situation feels like a holiday every day.”