Mainstreets advancement grant program

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The purpose of the City of Adelaide Mainstreets Advancement Grant is to provide funding to eligible groups for projects that achieve greater economic outcomes in local mainstreets and align with the City of Adelaide Strategic Plan 2016-2020.

This an opportunity for you to implement an idea you have that with the right ingredients and support, will make a difference in your mainstreet. It is an opportunity for you to reach out to different people and organisations and by working together, bring a new level of activity to your mainstreet.

Applicants are encouraged to refer to the following City of Adelaide documents prior to applying:

Read the guidelines

If you are applying for an event in an outdoor public space, you are required to make a tentative booking prior to submitting your grant application.

For conditions, fees and application forms, head directly to our website. If Council endorses your application for funding, you are responsible for confirming your venue booking and securing the infrastructure required to hold the event.

The maximum funds available for a project is $20,000 and projects are to be implemented between August 2018 and September 2019.

Important dates for Mainstreets Advancement Grant

July 2018Grant applications open
20 August 2018 Grant applications close 10am
September 2018Applications assessed and applicants notified
August 2019Project completed. Evaluation report due within four weeks of completion of project Grant acquittals due

How to submit your application

Applications can be submitted by email, post or in person by 10 am on Monday 20 August.

By email:

Sue McKenzie
[email protected]

David Bailey
[email protected]

By post:

Matt Grant, Associate Director
Economic Development and Tourism

City of Adelaide
GPO Box 2252
Adelaide SA 5001

In person:

25 Pirie Street, Adelaide

  • Late applications will not be accepted.
  • Applications can be lodged until 10am on Monday 20 August.
  • Postal applications must be postmarked on or before the closing date.