Event Infrastructure Incentives Scheme

Thank you for your interest. Applications are now closed for the Event Infrastructure Incentives Scheme.

Council is committed to boosting the City economy by supporting local industries. The event industry is recovering and the City experienced a strong program of summer events, supported by the Event Infrastructure incentives Scheme Round 1. The State Government of South Australia have provided a further $50,000 to enable a second round of incentives.

This fund is to assist in supporting events from 24 May to 31 December 2021.

To incentivise and secure events in 2021, Council is offering matched funding for up to 50 per cent of total infrastructure costs of an event, to a maximum of $10,000 through a simple Incentives Scheme. The average amount awarded for grants in Round 1 was $5,000.

The Guidelines, FAQ’s and online application can be found below.

This incentive is supported by the State Government of South Australia.

Government of South Australia

Event Infrastructure Incentives Scheme applicants can discuss their project with Amanda Parfilo, Event Facilitator at [email protected].

Event Infrastructure Incentives Scheme Guidelines 2021

Event Infrastructure Incentives Scheme Applicants can discuss their project with Amanda Parfilo, Event Facilitator at [email protected] before applying.

Why the City of Adelaide has developed the Event Infrastructure Incentives Scheme

The City of Adelaide Strategic Plan 2020-2024 commits to a Dynamic City Culture through supporting the development of new cultural and civic infrastructure for the city, supporting community diversity, cultural expression, experiences and participation and by expanding Adelaide’s global reputation as a ‘magnet city’ through world class events, festivals and activation.

Since March 2020, many city businesses have been impacted as a result of the challenges presented by COVID-19 through physical distancing restrictions and lower city visitation as a result of no international tourism; and the postponement or cancellation of events and festivals.

Council is committed to assist small businesses within the City of Adelaide through grants to reduce their operating costs and to increase city vibrancy and support the city economy through additional events and festivals being held within the city.

Council has created this Event Infrastructure Incentives Scheme for event organisers to access funding for infrastructure costs for events held from 24 May to 31 December 2021.

Councils intention is to support the funding of up to 50% of infrastructure costs for successful applicants to help drive recovery of the event industry.

Event Infrastructure Incentives Scheme – (max $10,000)

Event Infrastructure Incentives Scheme is a pilot initiative which offers a matched contribution of up to $10,000 for event organisers planning on holding events in the City or North Adelaide in 2021. Eligible events are those with a planned attendance of over 1,000 people.

Event organisers are able to apply for funding to hire, purchase, store and maintain quality event infrastructure, either temporary or permanent, for the specific use of supporting events in the City and North Adelaide.

Who can apply?

Applications will be considered from event organisers who have a planned public event in the City and North Adelaide Park Lands or spaces in 2021. The event must be booked in with City of Adelaide and the event organiser must demonstrate capacity to deliver.

Matched contribution

Applicants are required to demonstrate matched contribution (financial and/or in-kind) of the requested amount. This can be indicated in the budget section of the application form. Examples of matched contributions include funds or in-kind services for purchase, storage and maintenance of equipment. Funding of up to $10,000 will be offered. Event organisers will be required to provide quotes for the items they are seeking funding for and provide proof of purchase or hire agreement to acquit the grant.

Part funding

Council funding is limited therefore part-funding may be offered. Applicants are required to indicate whether they would accept part-funded applications.

Important Dates

The Event Infrastructure Incentive Scheme opens on 27 April 2021 and closes 10 May 2021. Successful applicants will be notified by 24 May 2021 and payment made within 30 days of a signed funding agreement.

What will NOT be funded?

Applications will be ineligible if any of the following apply:

• The applicant undertakes canvassing or lobbying of Councillors or employees of the City of Adelaide in relation to their application during the application and assessment process;

• The application is for events occurring outside the City of Adelaide area (i.e. projects must occur within the City and North Adelaide boundary).

• Applications contravene an existing City of Adelaide Policy or Operating Guideline;

• The application denigrates or excludes any groups in the community;

• The application has safety and/or environmental hazards;

• The applicant has not acquitted on any previous City of Adelaide funded events or finalised outstanding debts from previously completed events;

• The application is for reimbursement of funds already spent or for infrastructure already funded by City of Adelaide;

• Applications from State or Australian Government departments or other Councils;

• The application requests in-kind services, or relies on recurrent funding, provided by the City of Adelaide;

• The funding request is for projects that are the core responsibility of other levels of Government.

Ineligible applications will not advance to the assessment stage and applicants will be notified.

What is the application process?

Applicants seeking funding can apply by submitting an application form online in Smarty Grants. Once submitted, an application will be assessed by a panel of assessors according to:

• Eligibility criteria

• Assessment criteria

Applications are assessed in accordance with the following criteria:


1. A capacity of over 1,000 people (at any one time over the event period)

2. A publicly accessible event (can be ticketed) to be held in the City or North Adelaide in the City of Adelaide Park Lands or other public event space

3. Awareness of and adherence to regulatory safety and noise standards

4. Satisfactory budget

5. Plan to seek feedback on the benefits of the Infrastructure Incentives Scheme Grant from the event

6. Applications planning to hire or purchase from South Australian based suppliers will be highly regarded


7. A new event or an event wanting to trial pilot sites with limited infrastructure will be highly regarded (it can be an event that has been previously held in the City of Adelaide and is running again in 2021)

8. Demonstrated high value to City of Adelaide in terms of the significance of the event, attendance, or creative quality

9. Supports multicultural and diverse communities to participate.

Notification and Payment

City of Adelaide will acknowledge applications at the time of submission by email.

The funding decision made by the City of Adelaide is final.

Prior to payment, all successful applicants will be required to:

• Sign a funding agreement detailing the project terms and conditions;

• Provide a copy of their public liability insurance “Certificate of Currency” (minimum $20 million); noting The City of Adelaide as an interested party.

• Provide a tax compliant invoice for the agreed funding amount (plus GST if applicable).

Reporting and Acquittals - All successful applicants will be required to complete an acquittal report on the project by 30 January 2022.

Applicants who do not complete and return an acquittal report will be ineligible for any future applications and funding.

Promotion of City of Adelaide

Successful applicants must acknowledge City of Adelaide in promotions regarding this opportunity.

How to apply

Applicants can discuss their application prior to applying with:

Amanda Parfilo

Email: [email protected]

Please complete your application online via the online form.


Download a PDF copy of the Event Infrastructure Incentives Scheme Guidelines 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

The amount available for each applicant is up to $10,000 in matched funding. You can apply for any amount up to $10,000.

Event organisers who are holding a public event in public space for a minimum of 1,000 people in the City and North Adelaide up to 31 December 2021 are eligible to apply. The organiser can be:

  • Not-for-profit organisations and groups
  • Individuals and sole traders
  • Commercial organisations and social enterprises may also be considered where they deliver opportunities outside their usual business that focus on the arts, community benefit and strongly aligns with the program’s priorities.

Yes, please contact:

Amanda Parfilo

Event Facilitator, City Experience

Phone: 8203 7957

Email: [email protected]

Successful applicants will be notified from 16 February 2021.

No, we don’t. Only projects within the city including the CBD and North Adelaide including the Park Lands are eligible to receive funding.

The funding is for the hire or purchase of necessary event infrastructure, which could include toilets, additional fencing, site signage (not advertising material), lighting, generators or staging. The funds cannot be used for the hire of a traffic management company.

No. The scheme is to support the hire or purchase of event infrastructure only.

As a City Council we look to support activities and events that are accessible to as many members of the community as possible. All events must be publicly accessible however they can be ticketed.

Yes. An event which has received sponsorship or grant funding from City of Adelaide can apply, as long as the event infrastructure to be funded is not already funded by City of Adelaide as per your previous application and budget.

Yes. However this Scheme is for infrastructure costs only, and they cannot be included in a funding request in another application to Council.

No. Any Council fees or permits must still be applied and paid for.

All successful applicants will be required to complete an acquittal report on the project within 6 weeks of the event completion date.

We will provide you with an acquittal reporting template once you sign your funding agreement and this is what you need to complete and return to us to let us know how your event went and what the funding was spent on. Applicants who do not complete and return an acquittal report will be ineligible for any future applications and funding.

Yes. We require you to provide the receipts and/or invoices for hire or purchase of the funded infrastructure as part of your acquittal.

Your total event attendance must be over 1,000. This will be the estimated number of people attending in one day, or the cumulative/total number of people attending if your event runs over multiple days.

Yes, although new events and events that will occur in underutilised spaces and pilot/potential Park Lands event sites will be regarded highly.

We will work with successful partners to develop a funding agreement as soon as possible. Funds will be made available upon a co-signed agreement.

We understand that some activities may be affected due to COVID-19 and we will work with our partners to alter the agreement if postponement is required.

Got questions?

For more information please contact Amanda Parfilo, Event Facilitator, on 8203 7957 or at [email protected].