CCTV Rebate Scheme

Businesses in Adelaide’s Market District, including Chinatown, can apply to receive up to $2,500 for a new security camera system. The City of Adelaide’s CCTV Rebate Scheme is designed to help protect your business from crime.

Closed circuit television (CCTV) is a security system that uses cameras to monitor property. Eligible businesses can apply for a 50% rebate (up to the value of $2,500) for the cost of the CCTV system with up to eight cameras.

To receive the rebate, you must follow the process and meet the eligibility requirements.

        How do I apply?

        1. Tell us you're interested by filling in the rebate registration form. We can then check you are eligible before you make a purchase.
        2. We will contact you and connect you with the South Australian Police, who can provide your business with advice on crime prevention.
        3. We will provide you with preliminary approval.
        4. You can make a rebate claim after the CCTV system is installed. View the form for submission requirements.

        How much money can I claim?

        For example, an eligible business purchases and installs a CCTV system that meets the requirements.

        • If the system cost them $5,000. They could apply to receive a 50% refund of $2,500.
        • If the system cost them $8,000. They could apply to receive the maximum refund of $2,500.
        • If the system cost them $3,000. They could apply to receive a 50% refund of $1,500.


        1. A small business with an annual turnover less than A$10million
        2. The business is located in the Market District and/or Chinatown, within the boundaries shown on the map below.
        3. The business is located on the ground floor
        4. Your business must not already have cameras installed
        5. The CCTV system will include coverage of footpath / street frontage
        6. Your claim can only apply to a CCTV system with up to eight cameras

        Even if you believe you meet these requirements, register so we can confirm your eligibility before you make a purchase.

        Map cctv rebate

        CCTV system requirements

        1. The business owner has full responsibility to ensure the ongoing operation of cameras complies with relevant legislation
        2. Must incorporate, where possible, the Australian and New Zealand Police recommendations for CCTV Systems
        3. Systems are installed by a licensed security installer holding current Agents licence (in line with Security and Investigations Act 1995. In line with CCTV Standard AS 4806.1,.2,.3, and .4. adhering to Australian cabling standards and wiring rules with TCA1 form and customer service report / COC to be provided)