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Compostable and Reusable Coffee Cup Pilot

The City of Adelaide is partnering with CBD cafés within the pilot area to trial incentive payments with the aim of reducing the amount of waste generated by takeaway coffee cups.

The pilot area is bound by Gawler Place, King William, Flinders, and Grenfell Streets and the pilot will run until May 2018.

All businesses selling takeaway coffee within the pilot area will be eligible to apply for once-off financial rebates if they agree to:

  • Offer a discount to customers who bring their own cups and / or
  • Provide compostable takeaway coffee cups and lids. 

The pilot aligns with Council’s Strategic Plan 2016-2020 and the Carbon Neutral Adelaide Action Plan 2016-2021 and will contribute to reduced carbon emissions from waste sent to landfill.

“I would encourage businesses and customers to get on board. Together we can work towards reducing waste from single use packaging”
Councillor Verschoor

There is clear community interest in a solution to our current takeaway coffee habits and the issue has been brought to wider public attention following the recent ABC’s  War on Waste TV program.

Cafés currently participating in the pilot

The following cafes are now offering a discount to customers who bring their own cups:

Bean Bar 26 Flinders Street
Black Stump Espresso Foyer 25 Grenfell Street
BTS Cafe 33a Pirie Street
Cibo Espresso 82 King William Street
Favourite Fillings Lunch Bar 111 Gawler Place
Grass Roots 30 Pirie Street
L’Angolo Italiano Café 2/39 Grenfell Street
Le Souk 99 Gawler Place
Taste On Pirie 50 Pirie Street
Treasury 1860 144 King William Street
Turi Bar E Caffe 3/25 Grenfell Street

Look out for participating cafés displaying the distinctive green pilot posters. As cafés sign up and come on-board, we will add them to this site.

How to apply

Cafés in the Pilot area can apply for a rebate by completing an application form

As a business, why should I switch to compostable takeaway cups?

South Australia is a leader in commercial organic composting. In South Australia, compostable cups can be disposed of in organics bins that are sent to commercial composting facilities.

To address community confusion, the pilot project will also investigate the feasibility of standardised labelling for compostable and recyclable cups.

I’m a café outside of the Pilot area, what can I do?

Cafés outside of the Pilot area can still get involved and support customers to bring their own cups. We encourage cafés to offer a discount to customers who bring their own reusable cup when they purchase takeaway coffee and to sign up to Responsible Cafes, which promotes cafés who support reusable cups  

Coffee Drinkers

Coffee drinkers outside of the pilot area are encouraged to support this initiative by making the simple shift to a reusable coffee cup; either bring your own for your next takeaway coffee or take the time to stop and drink your coffee in.

Most cafés welcome customers who bring their own reusable cup and a growing number will provide a discount to those that do. Check out Responsible Cafes to see if a café near you offers a discount for bringing your own cup. You can also encourage your favourite local café to get on board.

Sometimes it’s the small things

Further information

For enquiries and support please contact Emma Sandery, Sustainability Project Officer at

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