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Community Development

The Community Development Grants Program provides funding to eligible groups, organisations and individual residents who present applications that demonstrate consistency with the City Community Strategy 2012-2016 outcomes including:

  • People of all ages, cultures and means form strong communities and actively participate in the life of the City
  • Neighbourhoods, streets and public spaces are safe, welcoming and promote social interaction
  • People’s ideas and their capacity to achieve is supported

Funding Categories

The Community Development Grants Program has three funding categories and levels that are designed to respond to different needs in the community such as larger on-going projects, medium sized programming opportunities and small scale community initiatives. Please see below for further detail on these categories:

  1. Major Grant (Up to $50,000 per year, 1 to 3 year funding agreements available)
  2. Minor Grant (Up to $10,000)
  3. Quick Response Grants (Up to $2,000)

Community Development - 2016 - 2017 Successful Applicants:

View the successful 2016/17 grant applications for Community Development Grants 

Community Development - 2015 - 2016 Successful Applicants:

View the successful 2015/16 applications for Community Development Grants 

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