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Arts & Cultural

The City of Adelaide 2016 -2020 Strategic Plan states that ‘Our culture infuses creativity and the arts in everything we do’ and commits to a ‘Multicultural city with a passion to create authentic and internationally renowned experiences’.

The Arts and Cultural Grants Program is intended to assist in the delivery of the City of Adelaide 2016-2020 Strategic Plan by providing funding to eligible groups, organisations and individuals to deliver creative arts and cultural projects that contribute to a welcoming and dynamic City full of rich and diverse experiences. 

Funding Categories

The Arts and Cultural Grants Program has four funding categories: 

1. Artistic Development Grants

Agreements available for 1 to 3 years, up to $20,000 in total (not per year)

Funding will be provided for projects that offer skill development opportunities for young, emerging and established artists and musicians in the City and also deliver a public outcome.

2. Public Art Grants

Up to $8,000

Funding will be provided for creative practitioners to create temporary public artworks within the public realm.

3. Community Programs and Events Grants

Up to $8,000

Funding will be provided for events, performances and exhibitions which contribute to the City as a welcoming and dynamic place for people to live, work and visit. 

Funding in this category will also be provided for small community based multicultural events and festivals that promote, celebrate and strengthen multiculturalism in the City of Adelaide. Applicants applying for these funds must be able to demonstrate that the project fosters cultural understanding and integration by the wider community.

4. Quick Response Grants

Up to $2,000

Funding will be provided for any arts and cultural project as described in Categories 1-3 that is requesting a smaller financial contribution from the City of Adelaide and a quicker response time. This could include events, activities, performances, public artworks and workshops.

The Quick Response grant category is open year round.

View the successful 2016/17 Art and Cultural Grant recipients.

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