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Parking FAQs

Parking Expiation Notices are regulated by State law. 

Our Parking in the City document (1MB) provides information about parking and traffic laws. It also advises how to contest a parking infringement received from the City of Adelaide.

For special meaning of trifling, see section 4(2) Expiation of Offences Act 1996.

If you park illegally, you can be reported. A Parking Expiation Notice can be handed to you, secured under your vehicle's windscreen wiper blade or sent in the mail.

Late payment of the initial Parking Expiation will incur additional charges. Expiation disputes or continued refusal to pay will be referred to the Fines Enforcement and Recovery Unit, and can result in driver's licence suspension or property seizure and sale to satisfy the amount owing.

MORE INFORMATION: Fines Enforcement and Recovery Unit (SA Government Web Site)

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is responsible for paying a Parking Expiation Notice?

The owner of the vehicle is responsible for the Expiation Notice. If you as the owner were not driving the vehicle at the time, you must provide a Statutory Declaration to the City of Adelaide within 21 days of the Notice. The Declaration must including the full name and address of the driver.

If the vehicle had been sold prior to the offence date, you must forward a copy of the Disposal Notice or a Statutory Declaration with the new owner's full name and address to the City of Adelaide.

What are the Parking Expiation amounts?

Parking Expiation amounts are set by the State Government in Regulations made under the Road Traffic Act, 1961.

Local Government Act Part 3 – Anti Pollution Measures – Sections 236 and 237 & Road Traffic Act Division 9 – Miscellaneous Provisions – Section 86

I think my vehicle might have been towed?

Contact our Customer Centre on 8203 7203 first for confirmation. Make sure you have the registration number of your vehicle handy.

My vehicle has been towed. What should I do?

Before you can recover your vehicle, you must come to our Customer Centre in person to prove that you are the owner of the vehicle.

You must bring your registration notice and/or your driver’s licence with you. We will not release the vehicle to anybody acting on your behalf unless they present a written letter of authority to collect the vehicle on the owner's behalf. You must also pay the fee charged for towing, along with any storage costs incurred by the City of Adelaide.

The vehicle will not be released until the towing fee is paid (cheques will not be accepted). We will then authorise the contractor to release your vehicle. You will be able to collect it from their premises.

In addition to the towing fee charged, your vehicle may also have received a Parking Expiation Notice.

Please note that storage fees for vehicles increase each day. All costs of removal and storage will be incurred by the owner.

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